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Posted on 03/03/2024
How to price your home: A quick seller's guide
The question of how to price your home is one of the...
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Posted on 10/01/2023
A seller's guide to capital gain on real estate
Among the myriad costs associated with selling a home,...
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Posted on 05/07/2023
4 Great tips for home sellers
Want to know some of the best tips for home sellers?...
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Posted on 10/03/2021
Can Contingencies Benefit Sellers?
Contingency clauses in a real estate contract typically come from the buyer. However, there are some contingencies sellers can use in a sale negotiation as well. While they’re less common, knowing the basics can help in selling your home. Here are the main contingencies every seller should know: Kick-Out Clause A kick-out clause is a useful balance to...
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