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How to Avoid the Traps of a Teaser Rate

Aug 21 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

Teaser rates are the usually low, introductory interest rates typically offered for the first few months as an incentive. These rates are similar to credit card offers offering an unusually-low beginning interest rate. They’re designed to entice you to sign up, because after the introductory period is over, the rate will increase. Although a teaser rate may look enticing, be sure you understand all details and your financial capabilities so you don’t get yourself into trouble. The examples below will help you spot a teaser rate and avoid the traditional traps.

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11 things women want in a home

Aug 20 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

Women tends to be more picky when it comes to buying a home. This probably has to do with their fast and full lives and jobs — commuting, running errands and chauffeuring kids. Desirability counts most to women, though other functional preferences include weather-tight, energy-efficient homes that are easy on the pocketbook to heat. It is no surprise that in building a home more than 50% of the house layout and design is suggested by women. Through polling and surveys, here’s what Coldwell Banker Real Estate’s consumer specialist Jessica Riffle Edwards says, are things women want in a home:

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12 Tips For Creating The Ultimate Homework Station

Aug 19 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

It can be challenging that how to eat healthy is not the only thing that needs tricks for picky eaters, how to make kids enjoy homework is another. Barbara Reich, a professional organizer and author of Secrets of an Organized Mom, suggest that kids should have everything they need to work without having to get up or move to get their paper, pencils and other things they needed. Encouraging kids to do their homework is to free them of distractions. Create an ultimate homework station and help them concentrate on their homework. Be stylish!

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Best Markets to Become a Landlord

Aug 17 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

RealtyTrac analyzed rental market conditions in 370 major U.S. counties, including median home prices, average rents and unemployment rates. Results brought out some of the best markets to become a landlord. Woodbury County, Iowa is one. Median home prices also include the Sioux City metro area, were a low $84,250 while rents averaged $914 a month. That translates into a rental return of about 13% for landlords. RealtyTrac also suggested that investors take the demographics of an area into account, particularly in retirement-friendly markets. Don’t count out millennials. Check on the top metro areas.

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Sophisticated Residence Design Blurring the Lines Between Indoor and Outdoor

Aug 16 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

Certain details of your interiors can bring the entire look of your home appealing gorgeous. A sophisticated home isn’t only stunning, it also makes you feeling beautiful. This two-story home designed by Darren Comber dissipates the lines between indoor and outdoor with the help of large windows drawing sunshine inside. All ground level living spaces open to views of outdoor gardens, creating a vibrant connection to the outdoors even in the intricate city urbanity. You don’t have to be a huge fan of contemporary, the simple elegance will take you to like living in a place defined by sophistication.

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Attract Serious Buyers, Discourage Lookie-Loos 

Aug 15 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

In determining your marketing strategy, your real estate professional knows what will work to attract serious buyers coming to see your home, and what will discourage people who will waste your time. No matter what the market is doing, buyers always look for the most value. Don’t assume that because home prices are up and sales are picking up that buyers will negotiate any less. Don’t give buyers room to make unrealistic offers. If your home is ready for market and priced to sell, it’s a good deal. Get them to come see the house for themselves. 

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