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3 Emotional Mistakes Home Buyers Make

Oct 19 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

Regardless of what mistakes occur during the home buying process, buyers shouldn’t beat themselves up for getting emotional. Buying a home is among the biggest purchase a buyer will make. It’s only important to consider the purchase with a clear head before signing on the dotted line. As a buyer, you will need to make a lot of decisions throughout the home-buying process. So as not to overlook important areas that will impact what’s on the bottom line, it pays to be prepared of these 3 emotional mistakes homebuyers make. After all, it’s an investment.

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How To Refresh Your Living Room In 9 Steps

Oct 18 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

If you want to refresh your living room, you would not only have to add a lot of color to the space, it’s critical to consider textures, balance, and illusion. Dolley Levan Frearson had this rare opportunity when a family on her block called upon her to revamp the entry and front living room of their home. Accepting the challenge to add a touch of glamour to what’s used to be ordinary, the result is a bright and airy space that’s both elegant and ethereal. The great thing is the living room looks so neutral, simple and modern.

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Make Sure You Know Open House Etiquette for Home Buyers

Oct 17 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

Because not all real estate agents host open houses in the same manner, you can’t always be certain who will answer the door. What if you just want to get an idea of prices in the area and chat with a real estate agent, or what if you are interested but your agent hasn’t brought this listing to your attention? Even though attending open houses are a favorite pastime of many people, there are open house etiquette for home buyers. No matter which category of visitor you fall into, always remember you’re walking into someone else’s home.

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Can You Afford to Buy a House

Oct 16 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

The days of calling up the landlord to fix your problems come to an abrupt halt when you’re a homeowner. Although paying a mortgage is more enticing than paying rent, it’s important to understand all the costs involved to be able to assess if you can already afford to buy a house. Buying a home is an important purchase and you want to get it right. To determine whether you can afford to buy a home, check with your realtor or lender to find out the best things to do. Might as well do the following:

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Watch Out for These Red Flags When Buying a Home

Oct 15 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

Although the housing market is full of challenges, buying a home is always a great time — especially if it’s your first. That means spending some time in the preparation can be exciting and interesting. When buying a home, it pays to keep a keen eye peeled as you assess the potential of your new house. Thankfully, you’re not alone in determining the conditions of prospective homes. Before you can say you’re ready, you need to make sure both financially and emotionally. There are some tell-tale signs to look for. Watch out for these red flags when buying a home:

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Which Repairs Should You Make

Oct 14 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

If your house is not in move-in condition, it will be very less appealing to prospective home buyers. Many home buyers, often will not consider buying a home that needs a lot of work. Before you decide to sell your home, consider that repairing the problem yourself could result in a potentially higher sales price for you. But what if a larger item needs repair? Which repairs should you make and how far should you go? Or should you fix it before placing the home on the market?

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