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Secrets to a Successful Yard Sale

Apr 20 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

Having a yard sale is hard work, but it doesn’t mean it can be less successful. Besides saving money, yard sale shopping helps the environment. Not just that, people also find unique items they can’t just pick up at the mall. The more people at your sale, the better result you can expect. When you put some effort into your sale, you’ll reap the benefits of selling stuffs by making it the most attractive it can be. Here’s an easy way to empty your garbage and closets while filling your wallet with cash. Use these 10 tips to ensure of a successful yard sale.

Creating Dynamic Window Coverings Without Breaking the Budget

Apr 17 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

When it comes to window decorating, it’s important to choose carefully. Why? Because your window coverings will become the focal points of a well-decorated room. Dynamic window treatments are a vital part of the overall look and feel of a room, but they don’t need to break the budget. If you’re creative and allow your imagination to run free, your decorating choices are truly endless. Some people save money on window treatments by using some imagination and creativity. Here are some examples of creating dynamic window coverings without breaking the budget.

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4 Steps to a Seamless Move of Your Utilities

Apr 16 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

Like packing and unpacking your things, transferring utilities also requires a bit of advance planning. The ones that you should give priority are electricity, gas, water and phone, but don’t forget your Internet, television, garbage or any other monthly services tied to your location. Moving utilities should save valuable time by circumventing the traditional process of calling each one of your utility companies. This will prevent long hold times and other hassles. You surely would love to sit back, relax, and enjoy the new home as soon as you’ve moved in. So here, try these tips to a seamless move of your utilities.

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Odd Moving Tips That Really Work

Apr 15 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

While for many, the thought of packing and unpacking things makes moving a very tiring thing to plan about, the clever enough makes sure they give enough time by starting to plan early. The most common timeframe reported by people moving is that it takes a month or more to pack. Tracking where you are at least once per week against the date on the calendar, and then simply revise plans if you’re falling behind, helps a lot. We’ve rounded up a list of some of the favorite quirky-but-useful tips to make trading one roof for another go a little bit smoother.

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The Right Way to Add Color to Your Home

Apr 14 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

There actually is no wrong way to add color to your home. Colors do make statement, all the time. The right way to add color to your home, as experts suggest, is about coming up with a serious style or color pattern. With a wonderful color scheme and friendly budget, you can decorate your home with whatever makes you happy. Stripe it or dot it, and and make ordinary pieces of furniture playful. Why not make two or more colors play on your children’s room walls? or paint the floor? Try your own variations on these colorful, low-cost ideas borrowed from the Hollywood Hills home for two.

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Tipping Movers — How to Tip a Mover

Apr 13 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

Moving is a stressful life event overloaded with thousands of small details. One of these many details that require special attention is how to treat the crew moving your life’s belongings. Consumers in general rely so much on a mover doing a good job that they don’t consider them as a service professional.  It is proper etiquette to tip movers; it shows how much you have appreciated a job well done. Whether you are giving cash at the end of the day or you are buying the crew lunch or even both, here’s how to tip a mover.

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