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11 Bathroom DIYs That Take One Hour or Less

Nov 26 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

If you have a boring bathroom, you’re probably wondering how to make it functional without spending too much time, money, and without compromising in aesthetics. Even if you don’t have the time for elaborate projects, or budget for the renovation you’ve always dreamed of, don’t worry. These 11 quick DIYs will fill the time and your space. An hour is more than enough time to do-it-yourself. The secret? You must think of each and every element in your bathroom and how it interacts with the available space, then combine practicability, sophistication and harmony. Here are some examples:

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8 Of The Dirtiest Places In Your Bathroom

Nov 25 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

Despite cleaning the bathroom everyday, it’s still considered among the dirtiest spot in the house. Did you know that wiping it down with cleaners is not enough? When you flush, the swirling water creates aerosols and launches germs from the toilet bowl onto your surrounding making those bacteria-covered places even dirtier. The way you use the bathroom has a lot to contribute to making it dirtier. Fortunately, some tricks can help make your bathroom smelling clean and looking pristine. All you need to do is to first determine 8 of the dirtiest places in your bathroom.

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8 Secrets of Personal Organizers

Nov 24 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

Not only do personal organizers keep items grouped and easier to find, they also make everything in your home neat and well-arranged. For example, a basket for magazines beside the couch, or an open bin that you can throw your clothes into from across the room, instead of hiding your laundry basket in the back of the closet. Whatever strategy you choose just has to work with your lifestyle. So if your room still somehow looks messy after you’ve cleaned, it’s time to improve your organizational system. Make it exciting with these 8 secrets of personal organizers.

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How To Refresh Your Living Room In 9 Steps

Nov 17 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

If you want to refresh your living room, you would not only have to add a lot of color to the space, it’s critical to consider textures, balance, and illusion. Dolley Levan Frearson had this rare opportunity when a family on her block called upon her to revamp the entry and front living room of their home. Accepting the challenge to add a touch of glamour to what’s used to be ordinary, the result is a bright and airy space that’s both elegant and ethereal. The great thing is the living room looks so neutral, simple and modern.

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DIY Cabinet Refacing

Nov 16 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

If your favorite cabinet has become outdated, or has looked so olden with time, you can be excited with this DIY cabinet refacing. Rather than stripping and then painting or staining the cabinet surface, with refacing you literally put a “new face” on the cabinets. Just a little knowledge, and the right tools, you can begin refacing your cabinets. The exciting part is this — once you finish refacing the first cabinet, you’ll be eyeing for which cabinet to reface next. Nothing feels as great as standing back and admire the “new cabinets” that you have enhanced yourself. Here’s how:

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9 Quick Fixes For Annoying Renovation Problems

Nov 15 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

Just because a renovation project  looks easy, doesn’t mean there are no chances to do it incorrectly. You may not be able to control the larger problems, but the little annoyances are easily solved. If you have ever found yourself stumped on how to fix a wall paint color that ran through your molding or ceiling, or take off the painters tape without destroying the paint, these quick fixes for annoying renovation problems, are for you. This will help ensure that from start to finish, you are working efficiently and in the correct order.

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