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Kitchen Paint Colors: 10 Handsome Hues to Consider

Jul 22 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

While neutrals are perhaps the traditional favorite for so many homes, richer colors are starting to take center stage. Today, soothing and playful pale shades seem to be the new favorite for a kitchen, but yellow, is among the most popular. Moss green, a color that’s easy to live with, has taken over the nation in its eco-friendly form, too. To stimulate appetite, red remains one of the top shades for the kitchen. Have you chosen yours for your new kitchen paint color? Check these 10 handsome hues to consider. Now which hue is right for you?

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Entryways Can Create Big Impact On Buyers 

Jul 21 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

Can you imagine a reading nook in your entryway? Great! It’s more than just a sitting area. What about an entryway transformed into a green spot? Sounds unique? Generally speaking, people don’t spend a lot of time in an entryway because they simply pass through it. But entryways can serve very different purposes. Is yours a traditional front entrance not much given a thought of art? Entryways can create a big impact on buyers. First impressions take just about 10 seconds or less, but it could entice buyers to want to see more right away.

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As a First-Timer, How to Commit to Homeownership 

Jul 20 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

For first time buyers who are interested in homeownership, shopping for a home together go well beyond just the dream of owning a property. Although most couples often hesitate to make this biggest purchase of their life for fear such as, they might be paying too much, they might not be happy with the place, or they might lose their jobs… etc., still, there’s hope. Your family, friends and co-workers took the leap and are reaping the benefits. Give these steps on how to commit to homeownership a try and you could be one of them:

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The Critical First Two Weeks of Marketing Your Home For Sale 

Jul 19 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

Don’t be surprised if in the first two weeks of marketing your home for sale, several key events can happen quickly. Sometimes things work to your advantage, sometimes not. You don’t want to take chances when marketing your home. Statistics show that a home gets 4x the amount of traffic in the critical first two weeks on the market than any week after that. This, on the part of the seller, is the best opportunity. If your agent knows how to market your property wisely, you’ll maximize the exposure that it gets from day one.

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How to Buy a Home With a Dark Past

Jul 18 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

Regardless of how much you try to put aside myths and facts, a home with a dark past could be a really creepy place to live. You might even want to stay away from it. Property’s history can affect a home price, especially if violent crimes were committed there. The house may be priced at a much lower figure, something that you really could afford, but then its negative history might remain psychologically disturbing. If your decision is to buy it, here are things you might consider for your own peace of mind, both short- and long-term:

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Make These Upgrades to Save Energy & Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Jul 17 Posted by Jane Phelpsin Newswith 0 CommentsPermalink

Aside from the different improvements you can make for your home, you will likely get the most of your investment if you choose to make energy improvements. A new, properly installed roof, for example, will lower your energy costs and increase your home’s resale value. If you have old, drafty windows with loose frames or gaps that let conditioned air escape, you’re losing money. Why not replace them with energy-efficient windows? Check on these upgrade suggestions that can save energy & boost your home’s resale value. If you do this, the environment will thank you!

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